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CKTC Collab Paris sketch

A Mystery Travel Box…What is it?

We’re creating boxes filled with amazing products that bring out the essence of different cities and countries from around the world. Travel is so much more than monuments and simple souvenirs – travel is about experiencing new places and people, and discovering the stories behind them. Our attempt is to bring a little bit of this local life to your doorstep… in a box!
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 Edition 1 : The essence of Paris… in a box

The first edition of our travel box comes from a city that no one seems to get enough of: Paris!  We are curating a special box just for you, filled with things that best capture the essence of Paris. If you’ve been to Paris before, this box will take you back to all those fond French memories. And if you haven’t… this box is step 1 in checking this magical city off your bucket list! 

What can you expect?

We love quality products, those rare things you can only find in a specific local store or market, the ones that have a story  – expect anything from handcrafted stationery to postcards, local coffee to French chocolate, street art to antiques! The box will be filled with things that best represent the heart and soul of Paris – maybe even a message from a passerby at a café 😉
These photos represent some of the most fun, quirky and interesting products we’ve come across on our travels, and are only indicative of the types of things you can expect in your box from Paris! Of course, you won’t be getting exactly this – or else, what’s the mystery in that? 😉 

How does it work?

Subscribe to the box by clicking on “Buy Now” and adding in your contact details and address. We will be crafting the box through the month of August, and will start shipping in September. Our payment portal currently only accepts Indian cards. However, if you don’t have an Indian card and are still really interested, please contact us on
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Who are we?

Mehek is an engineer by education, a healthcare consultant by profession and a traveler at heart. After taking a graffiti workshop in Prague with Europe’s first female graffiti artist in June 2015 (thanks to a recommendation from another blog), she started her own travel blog, Map and Magnets, to share her travel stories with the world. She writes about the hidden gems she discovers and the veggie food she struggles to find, collecting a magnet from each city along the way.
Reshmi is an architect by profession, and the artist & founder at Curiosity Kills The Cat. Travel has been one of the biggest sources of inspiration behind the art at CKTC. CKTC houses pop culture and music inspired art and sketchbook. There’s a cat hidden in every piece of art, hence the name!
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